Boudoir Photography Tips and Lighting Diagram

Here is another shot from a shoot with Model Kristabelle. Corsets make nice props and additions for Boudoir Photography. I’ve included the lighting diagram for this shot. It’s very simple and self explanatory. The lighting for this boudoir shot is just 2 lights, hot lights in fact. Fresnel lights create nice hard edges but also […]

Retro Burlesque Style Boudoir Photography

Sometimes a retro feel for your boudoir shoot is called for. Burlesque styled props and outfits can really make the scene. Photoshoping also helps lend a hand with a plugin to create the old film styles from the 70’s and earlier. The Model’s name is Kristabelle and we had a shoot where we did some […]

Boudoir Photography Props and Poses

Boudoir Photography Props and Poses Using boudoir photography props out motto is less is more. The less props there are in a picture, the less distractions there are taking your attention away from the subject. Boudoir photography props are meant to enhance, not detract from an image. In this image, the model is laying on […]

Retro Boudoir Photography Poses – Lighting Diagram

Retro Boudoir Photography Poses – Pin up and Cheesecake Pinup and cheesecake photographs were a product of early 19th century. Pinup meaning the photographs were pinned up to the wall to be looked at, while cheesecake was a photo or poster of a provocative girl in less attire. Not pornographic, just less clothing with an […]