Boudoir Photography Ideas For Valentines Day Sessions

Boudoir Photography Ideas For Valentines Day Sessions Valentines day brings about many boudoir photography ideas and brainstorms. Not only is it a great holiday for making extra cash from easy to do boudoir sessions, but it is  also one of the easiest holidays to shoot for as far as props are concerned. Florists raise their […]

Bridal Boudoir Photography and Ideas

Bridal Boudoir Photography Bridal Boudoir Photography is quickly becoming nice side avenue and a legitimate business for both boudoir photographers and wedding photographers.  Soon to be brides want to have some Bridal Boudoir Photography done as a gift to give to their future husbands on their honeymoons. So it’s no wonder that it’s a growing and […]

Boudoir Photography Poses for Christmas

Boudoir Photography Poses for Christmas ‘Tis the season to be jolly and make lots of money…Falalalala la la la la… Or something like that. Boudoir Photography Poses geard toward a holiday or holiday themed boudoir shoots are a great way to 1) make money, 2) grow your client base, 3) make new awesome boudoir photographs […]

Boudoir Photography Ideas

Boudoir Photography Ideas Here is a list and images of some Boudoir Photography Ideas. I know myself included, sometimes during a shoot I have a blank mind and can’t for the life of me come up with any ideas for boudoir photos. So I’ve compiled a list of  ideas and images to match those ideas […]

New Boudoir Photography eBook by Ed Verosky

Boudoir Photography: The Quick-Start Guide For Professional Photographers, by Ed Verosky is now available! This is a compilation (including new content) of his two previous boudoir eBooks, “10 Ways to Improve Your Boudoir Photography Now,” and “25 Amazing Boudoir Photography Techniques.” This new book has it all, including advice from other professional boudoir photographers who […]

Boudoir Shower Scene with Boudoir Lighting Diagrams – Boudoir Photography Tips

This is another of my favorite shoots I did with very lighting lighting setup. This shoot was done at midnight in the models shower. The lighting coming through the window is a 1000 watt fresnel light which can be bought at Amazon.Com. The window itself was a textured glass with patterns that helped to diffuse […]

Boudoir Photography Tips – Natural Lighting with Lighting Diagram

Boudoir photography with Natural Lighting, can be simple and some of the most beautiful images ever created. If you look at any number of boudoir photographers works, you’ll notice a number of natural lighting shots and some that seem to be natural lighting, but are really strobes made to look like natural lighting. Natural lighting […]

Hotel Room Boudoir With a Gothic Fetish Theme

This shoot was in a hotel room in Hollywood, just after the Bondage Ball that is held in Hollywood 4 times a year. The setting is a hotel room, and a hot and sweaty, sultry Gothic fetish model named Lily Kill Blue. Off with a few articles of clothing and onto the bed. Some torn […]

Boudoir Photography Tips and Lighting Diagram

Here is another shot from a shoot with Model Kristabelle. Corsets make nice props and additions for Boudoir Photography. I’ve included the lighting diagram for this shot. It’s very simple and self explanatory. The lighting for this boudoir shot is just 2 lights, hot lights in fact. Fresnel lights create nice hard edges but also […]

Retro Burlesque Style Boudoir Photography

Sometimes a retro feel for your boudoir shoot is called for. Burlesque styled props and outfits can really make the scene. Photoshoping also helps lend a hand with a plugin to create the old film styles from the 70’s and earlier. The Model’s name is Kristabelle and we had a shoot where we did some […]

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