Boudoir Photography Ideas – Body Parts

These boudoir photography ideas came from a woman who found out she was going to have a baby. This image is just a body part, namely the nice looking breast of a woman who wanted to have something for after she was pregnant. She wanted something to remember herself by from before her pregnancy, because […]

Boudoir Shower Scene with Boudoir Lighting Diagrams – Boudoir Photography Tips

This is another of my favorite shoots I did with very lighting lighting setup. This shoot was done at midnight in the models shower. The lighting coming through the window is a 1000 watt fresnel light which can be bought at Amazon.Com. The window itself was a textured glass with patterns that helped to diffuse […]

Boudoir Photography Tips – Using The Right Light and Lighting Diagram

One boudoir photography tip is to use the right light for the right situation. If you were using sunlight or natural light to light a scene, you would use a strobe, as the light “temperature” or kelvin rating would match. Whereas if you were to do a scene in a bathroom or bedroom and the […]

Boudoir Photography Poses Using Simple Natural Lighting

Boudoir Photography Poses Using Simple Natural Lighting Natural lighting for boudoir photography can be easy but can also be challenging. For the beginner it can be a challenge because it just spills in from everywhere and they don’t necessarily know how to control it. Once you learn how to control the light it gets easier […]