Retro Boudoir Photography Poses – Lighting Diagram

Retro Boudoir Photography Poses – Pin up and Cheesecake

Pinup and cheesecake photographs were a product of early 19th century. Pinup meaning the photographs were pinned up to the wall to be looked at, while cheesecake was a photo or poster of a provocative girl in less attire. Not pornographic, just less clothing with an expression of being provocative.

Retro Boudoir Photography Poses

Add a little retro sexy to your Boudoir Photography Poses with the old pinup look of the early 1900’s. Muted and highlighted colors along with retro styled clothing and lingerie coupled with poses indicative of the early days, give way to retro boudoir photography, which is a whole genre niche in itself. Once shot with wet paper process film, can now also be achieved with digital photography and post production in Photoshop. In many boudoir photography poses we use classic style poses from the early days of Hollywood. This one being just a shot from above with the model lying on her back looking into the camera.

Boudoir Photography Poses with Lighting Diagrams

The lighting diagrams follow each photo…


Retro Boudoir Photography Poses

In the lighting diagram we are using a 750 watt fresnel to light the image. I love using old studio type lighting like they used for Hollywood glamour. Unless you’ve used it you wouldn’t really know how and why, but that hard light from a fresnel also has a soft falloff about it. Sort of a hard light with a soft quality about it.

Boudoir Photography Poses Lighting Diagram

Boudoir Photography Poses Lighting Diagram

This second photograph I have the same girl but sitting up on the edge of her bed in a more provocative/suggestive pose. This image was shot using the same 750 watt fresnel as the previous image, but we added a 500 watt fresnel for fill light for the front of her. We wanted the bright outline from behind but also wanted to make sure we could see the front of her and her eyes. Notive the catch lights in her eyes? They really make her eyes come alive. We also did some post processing darkening, sharpening and contrasting with a plugin called Topaz Adjust. It really gives some dynamic color, detail and dimension. The lighting diagram follows.

Boudoir Photography Poses

Retro Boudoir Photography Poses

The lighting diagram shows the placement of the lights and camera. the fill light was a little lower than the back light. The back light also doubled as a hair light so it had to be high. The fill light is lower but just slightly higher than the subjects face to get a good butterfly(Paramount Lighting) lighting shadow under the nose. We used the 500 watt fresnel for fill lighting to make sure we could see the face and eyes, and get those catch lights in her eyes.

boudoir lighting diagram

Retro Boudoir Lighting Diagram

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