Re-Creating Famous Boudoir Photography Poses – Marilyn Monroe Red Velvet

Re-Creating Famous Boudoir Photography Poses – Marilyn Monroe Red Velvet

When in the business of boudoir photography you will run into some clients who want to re-create famous images of movie stars or other prominent figures. For whatever reason they have you should try to accommodate these wishes. These images are usually for private use and can also be a fun shoot for you and your client especially if you pull it off. One such famous set of boudoir poses is the Marilyn Monroe poses on Red Velvet. I had a client who wanted to re-create two of these poses and we used a red satin sheet to do it.

These boudoir photography poses aren’t hard to re-create but getting the client to hold the pose for a short length of time can be some work. Then getting the pose just right as in the pictures being re-created, that’s another story. This is Sandee Betty on red satin re-creating the Marylin Monroe boudoir session on red velvet.

A red satin sheet for the background and the lighting used was a 500 watt Fresnel hot light from an old movie studio. The light was placed high and to the right of the camera, very close to the center line of the photographer to minimize the shadows. The lights are hot and intense and light up the whole scene thus giving it an old pinup type feel. Some desaturation of some colors and saturation of others also helps to re-create the old film feel.

Boudoir Photography Poses

Re-creating Marylin Monroe Red velvet


Re-creating Marylin Monroe on Red Velvet

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