How To Take Boudoir Photos

How To Take Boudoir Photos

Many people come to this site wanting to learn how to take boudoir photos and finding the information they need within the posts and examples given here. Which is what we do here, discuss how to take boudoir photos. However there is another way of learning to take boudoir pictures and that way is to learn from one of the many eBooks we offer here at Boudoir Photography Poses. There are many guides, instructional videos and eBooks available here but we will touch on several of the really good ones we highly recommend.

The Art of Boudoir Photography with Speedlights – $14.95

This eBook is 74 pages FULL of instruction diagrams and images to help you get the hang of taking boudoir photos quickly. Michael Zelbel has put together a full instructional boudoir course in one eBook and it’s ONLY $14.95. For $14.95 you could learn a new trade in itself in Boudoir Photography and earn a living or close to it if you follow the simple instructions, tips and trick in this boudoir photography eBook. There’s also a posing cheat sheet included in this package that will help you out in times of memory loss when you need a pose in a pinch. The other thing this eBook talks about is using speedlights for the lighting instead of full on strobes or monoblocks. Who wants to lug around a ton of equipment when you can get the job done with one or two speedlights? This eBook also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Some of the things covered are:

  1. The right lighting gear and lenses for a bedroom
  2. Lingerie and clothes which work vs. things that do not work
  3. Lighting setups which deliver the best results
  4. Poses for every model, from standard to creative
  5. How to find the best camera angle
  6. Photographic composition
  7. Common mistakes to avoid

A visual preview of this eBook is here:

How to take boudoir photos

How to take boudoir photos with speedlights

How to take boudoir photos

Inside Preview

How to take boudoir photos

Boudoir Posing Cheat Sheet

This is a great book to learn boudoir photography in a pinch. Well covered topics with diagrams for lighting and strobe placement as well as angle and composition.

Click HERE to see more.

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