Hotel Room Boudoir With a Gothic Fetish Theme

This shoot was in a hotel room in Hollywood, just after the Bondage Ball that is held in Hollywood 4 times a year. The setting is a hotel room, and a hot and sweaty, sultry Gothic fetish model named Lily Kill Blue.

Off with a few articles of clothing and onto the bed. Some torn fishnets, a corset, and a strobe with a bastard amber gel for color correction. No other lights were used except the hotel room lights that were already there.

You use a bastard amber gel to make your strobe flash a warmer orange color to match the existing incandescent lights in the hotel room. If you were to use no gel, the strobe light would look bluish in color and the hotel room light would be orange or warm. So use a gel to match up the color temperatures, and away you go.

A Bastard Amber gel is the name of a certain colored gel known in lighting circles. You can also use a 1/2 CTO or a full CTO( Color Temperature Orange).  All this was done in a matter of minutes and makes a great addition to any boudoir portfolio.



Lily Kill Blue - Gothic Fetish Boudoir Photography


Lily Kill Blue - Gothic Fetish Boudoir Photography

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