Boudoir Photography Poses – Following the Curves

Boudoir Photography Poses – Following the Curves

When doing boudoir photography poses take into account the idea of less is more. Less flesh shown can lead the mind to having more imagination. Less props used can enhance a photo more than a ton of props crowding the image and competing with the subject. The same goes true when using focus as an eliminator or enhancer.

Boudoir Photography Poses – Focus on the obscure, not the obvious

Instead of focusing on a specific body part, instead follow a curve and leave the specific body part out of focus. In this photo the upper body is out of focus while still in the forefront, bringing it to front of the picture, however the seductive curve of the waist and the unbuttoned pants lead the mind to other places than just a body shot. In boudoir seduction is the name of the game. When doing boudoir photography poses your goal is to seduce the viewer with your image. Sure the image has an exposed breast, which is out of focus, but the focal point is the unbuttoned jean. This can lead the mind to other places such as imagining the subject slowly and seductively removing those jeans, preparing herself for her lover or mate.

Even is you cover the breast or crop it out of view, the unbuttoned jeans still say seduction. Boudoir photography poses is all about seduction and leading the mind to places of enticement.

boudoir photography poses

Boudoir Photography Poses following Curves

 Boudoir Photography Poses – Obscuring the identity

Also notice in this image the face is not even in the shot. This also let’s the viewer insert whatever persons face they want, therefore making the image their own. Making the fantasy theirs. Images like this can be sold in poster form online or in stores, as stock photography or as artwork prints. This is because the image has no face to define the identity of the imaginary person in one’s mind. Creating images that are artistic in nature yet have no preconceived identity make for great opportunities to make money.

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