Boudoir Shower Scene with Boudoir Lighting Diagrams – Boudoir Photography Tips

This is another of my favorite shoots I did with very lighting lighting setup. This shoot was done at midnight in the models shower. The lighting coming through the window is a 1000 watt fresnel light which can be bought at Amazon.Com. The window itself was a textured glass with patterns that helped to diffuse the light and obstruct the view of the light so it wouldn’t be seen in the photo. It gives the appearance of the shot being taken at daybreak or could be seen as being taken at sundown.

The light is set as such that is gives a little more than just a  profile shot. The face is profiled but the lower part of the torso is turned toward the camera a little more than the face, to give way to a better shot at the upper torso. For the model who may be shy but want those revealing shots, it’s a great way to hide her face but still be revealing. The shower itself is a great prop for a boudoir photo. The water drops running down the models torso catches light and adds to the picture a touch of sensuality.


Fresnel Light

The fresnel light is the type of light used in theater and movies. It is also the type of light that George Hurrell and other Hollywood Photographers used in their Hollywood Glamour Photography. The great thing about a fresnel is it’s completely focusable. It can be either a wide flood light or focused down to a small spot light. The key to the fresnel is the lens it uses, the same type of lens used in lighthouses.

This type of shot also lends itself well to sales, as the model isn’t defined as any one person. The face of anyone can be inserted in the mind of the viewer, giving way to imaginative thoughts by the viewer, therefore making it a great print to sell on either eBay or other photo site.

The diagram of this boudoir shoot shows the lighting placement, camera placement and model position with shadow.

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Midnight Shower

Midnight Shower


Boudoir Lighting Diagram

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4 Responses to “Boudoir Shower Scene with Boudoir Lighting Diagrams – Boudoir Photography Tips”
  1. Masque says:

    Great shot- this blog is very helpful. Look forward to reading more of your articles.

  2. JBP says:

    what if you are 3 stories up. how could you do the same shot with the light in the bathroom and not electrocute everyone? lol

  3. Carlos says:

    What camera setting did you use? Aperture, lens, focal length, ISO, etc?

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