Boudoir Photography Tips – Natural Lighting with Lighting Diagram

Boudoir photography with Natural Lighting, can be simple and some of the most beautiful images ever created. If you look at any number of boudoir photographers works, you’ll notice a number of natural lighting shots and some that seem to be natural lighting, but are really strobes made to look like natural lighting.

Natural lighting with simple props can also make a great impact in an image. As they often say, less is more and can also be used to create simple, yet provocative images.

In the first image, the subject is on a chaise lounge up against a plain white textured wall. The light comes in from a large bay window at camera right. Light comes in and lights her right side. The image is cropped so the shadow of her head is also cropped and used to help frame the subject, drawing attention to the subject rather than draw attention to the shadow of the body.


Boudoir Photography with Natural Lighting

The next image is similar in lighting, except we have moved the model off of the wall and onto a chair. We’ve added a strobe with a softbox to open up the shadows.  Look closely to the back of the subjects arm and backside and you will see a lightening up of the shadow or a highlight that indicates a second light source.

One tip for ANY photography is look at the shadows and the highlights and that will help you determine the lighting in just about any picture you look at.

We have included a lighting diagram for this shoot so you can see the layout of the light and strobe.

In this image the strobe was set to camera left and stopped down one or two stops to open up the shadows, but not cast any shadows. Using a grid also helps with the direction of the light to keep it on the subject and not spilling out on the floor. If there’s enough light one can also use a reflector instead of a strobe to open the shadows up.

Boudoir Natural Lighting

Boudoir Natural Lighting

Lighting diagram for the above shot:


Boudoir Natural Lighting Diagram

Both images are simple poses with one prop, and natural lighting, with the exception of the second images, having one added strobe. These types of images can be accomplished by anyone who has a camera, a window and a chair or other simple prop.


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  1. Great pictures!! The model looks beautiful, thats what i think is fabulous about Boudoir photography its timeless and stunning, an image to treasure forever!

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