Boudoir Photography Props and Poses

Boudoir Photography Props and Poses

Using boudoir photography props out motto is less is more. The less props there are in a picture, the less distractions there are taking your attention away from the subject. Boudoir photography props are meant to enhance, not detract from an image. In this image, the model is laying on a red satin sheet. There are several cushions to prop her legs up to help accentuate the pose, the legs and create an “S” Curve to the body. “S” curves or a pose for the body that creates a “S” shape is a nice pose to look at and usually accentuates some part of the body. In this image the pose stretches from one corner of the photograph to the opposite corner and effectively fills up the photo area.

Simple Boudoir Photography Props

Simple props such as the red satin sheet can really turn an “OK” boudoir photograph into a best selling boudoir photo. The color of props are also key, as one person will look good on red, whereas another person would look better on green. A redhead will probably look better on a green sheet than red. The cushions, while not exactly a prop, they do help to hold the legs and body in a position that is suggestive and enticing.

Boudoir Photography Props

Red Satin Boudoir Poses

Less Boudoir Photography Props The Better

In this image the red satin sheet enhances the image but doesn’t detract from or pull your attention away from the subject. A prop should not compete with the person in the picture. You can have a great idea and scene in your head the way you think it should look but if you have 5 different props in the picture, what object is going to be the center of attention? This is why we say that less boudoir photography props is better.

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