Boudoir Photography Poses for Christmas

Boudoir Photography Poses for Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly and make lots of money…Falalalala la la la la… Or something like that. Boudoir Photography Poses geard toward a holiday or holiday themed boudoir shoots are a great way to 1) make money, 2) grow your client base, 3) make new awesome boudoir photographs to show new clients who want great pictures of themselves. It can be a fun time and it can really make you some good business. In fact it can make you all the spending money you need for the holidays.

Boudoir Photography Poses With A Theme

Who wouldn’t like waking up to a stocking stuff with there girlfriend or wife, dressed up like a candy cane, or a naughty elf or Santa’s naughty little helper? You can do all kinds of boudoir photography poses and there are a ton of props you can use that are simple and effective. Props like a giant stocking, Santa’s bag full of goodies, a Christmas Tree, a Fireplace, and even just a single gifted wrapped Christmas present held in the palm of a hand. With these extra little props on hand great boudoir photography poses are easy to come by.

Themed Boudoir Photography Poses Make Money

Holidays, especially Christmas, are great times of the year for themed boudoir photography poses and boudoir photo shoots. Ladies like to give their boyfriends and husbands intimate photos of themselves to spice up their love life, as a special gift and for brides to be the wedding night gift to their newly wed husbands. It doesn’t stop there, think about it, this is one way for a partner to plant the seeds of an idea in the mind of their lover or spouse and really get things rolling. This can be a time of great money making opportunity as well as a new portfolio and new clients. Having just a few props on hand can really make a huge difference and set the stage for some great shot of holiday themed boudoir photography poses.

Have a Boudoir Photography Event

One way of making money with the themed shoots is to have a planned event. Hire a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for the day and charge a nominal fee for the clients. This is a day of pampering and fun. Have snacks on hand and plenty of drinks, but I would suggest non-alcoholic drinks. The ladies come and have their makeup and hair done, so they look their utmost best, and then they get a cool custom boudoir photo shoot in a themed outfit or setting and then they’re done. Line up 4-6 ladies for the day and go home with a pocket full of Christmas spending money.

Charge $300 per lady for the experience and pay the Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist $300 for the day and you make yourself $1200 for a day’s worth of shooting. But don’t forget your editing time and any print credit you may give. There’s also the opportunity for the ladies to purchase more prints which is a photographers bread and butter.

Who wouldn’t pay for some of these boudoir photography poses and shots?

Boudoir Photography Poses

Look what Santa Left Under The Christmas Tree

Boudoir Photography Poses

Stocking Stuffers

Boudoir Photography Poses

Christmas Morning Presents

Boudoir Photography Poses

Santa's Bag of Goodies

Boudoir Photography Poses

Santa's Little Helper

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