Boudoir Photography Ideas – Body Parts

These boudoir photography ideas came from a woman who found out she was going to have a baby. This image is just a body part, namely the nice looking breast of a woman who wanted to have something for after she was pregnant. She wanted something to remember herself by from before her pregnancy, because of the body changes that happen during and after pregnancy we decided to shoot several images of her breasts. This is one of them.

In this image we decided to make the breast look wet and while water was the first choice to do that, it just didn’t work the way we wanted. We wanted water drops and the water would just run down the breast and disappear. What we ended up doing was adding corn syrup to the water to make it thicker but so it still ran a little. We also wanted a water drop to sit there hanging off her nipple like it was ready to fall at any second.

The lighting was done with a single fresnel hot light to the right side of the model with a white bounce card to the left of the model to open up some of the shadow. The resulting image is the one shown and it was named “Ripe With Morning Dew”

There is something appealing to a breast that is wet and dripping with sweat or water that makes the imagination run…

Lighting Diagram for shot and final image…

Buodoir Lighting Diagram

Buodoir Lighting Diagram

morning dew

Ripe With Morning Dew

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2 Responses to “Boudoir Photography Ideas – Body Parts”
  1. Debbie says:

    I think this is so very erotic & one that I shall try to capture with a willing client

  2. Melissa says:

    I love it did you use baby oil

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