Boudoir Noir with Evie Lovelle

Boudoir Noir relies heavily on the style of film noir, and it’s characteristics. Film noir is heavily steeped in shadows and what you don’t show, so will boudoir noir be, steeped in shadows with some things left to the imagination. Dark and stark contrasts, lots of shadows and even an obstructed view of the face.

This type of boudoir imagery is good for selling as posters and prints, because the obscured face leave the mind to it’s imagination. Whereas if you had a clear shot of the face, it defines a person, and sometimes a person the viewer cannot have or doesn’t really want. Facial obstruction is good as I said for the imagination to roam where it shall go. The persons mind is left to put the face of whom ever it wants in the image.

These types are great for sale as prints and posters because the viewer, should they show it in their gallery or home, give each person who views it, a different experience. Each viewer can put who ever they want int he image, and create their own fantasy.

Boudoir noir may incorporate a man’s button down dress shirt, or an over coat, a fedora or a neck tie. It is often considered sexy for a woman to wear a mans clothing in a seductive manner. Pictures also in the background music from your favorite old film noir or a lone solo trumpet piece such as the Main Theme for L.A. Confidential. This type of music is also great for a boudoir portrait session, but really good for Boudoir Noir.



Boudoir Noir


Boudoir Noir


Boudoir Noir

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One Response to “Boudoir Noir with Evie Lovelle”
  1. Andy says:

    Outstanding photos and ideas! Thanks.

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